The Business Of Listening!

How many times have you actively listened to your customers and really tried to understand what they are thinking and why they think that way?

One of the most impactful ways to reach people is to listen to what they are saying and creating a plan of action based around exactly what they want.

When people aren't that interested in what you're selling it's important to figure out why and from that why you develop an understanding of how you can improve to truly "speak" to them to capture their attention.

Marketing in the past was all about just getting your brand in front of people as often as possible in hopes that people will be so inundated with your brand it'll be the one they think of when they need a solution. This was something only very large businesses with extremely high media budgets could do.

Today while brand awareness is still incredibly important and should be a major part of any marketing campaign it is not as difficult or as expensive to get your brand out there and available to the consumer as it once was.

With the advent of social media there are a million ways that are very inexpensive to showcase that you do listen and that you do understand what the consumer wants. This makes it very easy for them to begin to develop a relationship with your brand as they follow the journey your brand takes them on.

The way we begin to understand what they want is to send out surveys via email asking questions about

  • Why they came to you
  • How they felt beforehand
  • What were they looking for
  • Where did they look for a solution
  • How they feel now
  • If they tried a competitor and how your brand makes them feel different
  • What would they improve and how would they improve it

It's even better if you can sit down with people and ask them these questions in a 1-on-1 environment. You'll get a MUCH better and much more sincere response this way.

From the answers to these questions you can construct a persona of your ideal buyer type and from that you can reverse engineer your marketing strategy to focus on attracting that ideal buyer and ultimately bring in the EXACT clients you want in your business and who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

It's much easier to sell your products to the right people who actually need them if you've already set a baseline for who walks in your door before they even step foot in your facility or head over to your website.

They should walk into your business saying that they feel like you were speaking right to them before they even contacted you due to everything they've read and seen from your brand.

By listening we can develop a strategy focused on who IS actually buying our products and WHY they are buying them. It's not a guessing game if you have real actionable information from people who already use your products.