#ChansLogic is my project dedicated to helping answer the many questions I get daily about running and starting a business for an entrepreneur.

How to build the relationship and focus on where people's attention is at (right now that's social media) to effectively to create a brand that truly captivates your audience and makes them feel part of your story!

I built my first three businesses when I was at 26 years old:

  • StoneAgeFuel
  • StoneAgeFuel Barbell Club
  • StoneAgeFuel Youth Weightlifting and Sports Performance

Architected and revamped the current strategy, business model and direction of the MadLab Business  and act as the Chief Growth Officer ongoing. 

And finally Co-Founded Out of the Cave Media an education focused mentorship agency devoted to building profitable businesses and fixing and plugging holes in unprofitable ones!

We Grew Olympic Weightlifting from nothing in Reno NV to a thriving culture with many different Weightlifting clubs and built up and ran the largest Oylmpic-Style Weightlifting competition in the history of the sport worldwide with over 1000 competitors.

I build successful businesses utilizing the concept of the relationship with consumers in a customer centric and customer driven environment and a growth and differentiating marketing and sales strategy to ensure longevity of the brand.