The Culture of Care 

Thank you to every single one of you for listening to my talk and making the interviews an incredibly exciting experience! 

Now that we have all the information we need collected we are going to work on building the content and information necessary to showcase all of YOU as the most important pieces of this entire culture of caring coming together.

We will be using this information to:

  • Create content showcasing your specific thoughts, ideas, personalities and ultimately producing content to drive the right patients to you
  • Improve processes to strive for the level 10 and beyond experience that we as staff need and that customers are searching for to create the disruption the industry needs

But the most important reason for doing this is to build an identify behind the Kinatex brand that can't be replicated, because it's based on thee real life humans who make the brand unique and the humans who really make it what it is! 

Missed the Talk? Catch the Recording Below on YouTube and SoundCloud!