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The Relationship Marketing Experience

The Relationship Marketing course is designed to give YOU the power to learn, understand and leverage marketing for your facility. Including building Facebook ads, content that converts, retargeting, pixel technology, effective copywriting and much more.

This is a done with you program. Where we teach you HOW to do it and mentor you every step of the way to ensure you know and understand the process.

This way you are able to build and grow your business without becoming a slave to us!

The curriculum is organized into 12 Steps with guided videos (there may be a few more depending on your situation) that you will follow in a step by step format. This portion is $997.

While at the same time meeting with your mentor to work to problems and issues that arise during the learning process.

In 8-12 weeks you will be ready to launch your relationship marketing program, with all the tools you need to effectively know and understand the process, the numbers and how to define success.

If at the end of the 8-10 weeks you’d like to continue working with your mentor in an advisory role.

If you choose to continue working with us this portion is $259 a month and we focus on meeting up to 2x a month.

Course Curriculum

Step 1.

  • Intro and what to expect

  • How to communicate with us

  • Time and staffing commitments

Step 2.

  • Building your unique selling proposition

    • Organizing your ideal clients into buckets  

Step 3.

  • Creating your content calendar

    • Ideal metrics for content

    • Content that converts

Step 4.

  • Setting up your Facebook Page and Instagram Page.

    • Understanding page analytics

Step 5.

  • Setting up a Facebook Group for your city

    • Understanding group analytics

    • Building community in your group

Step 6.

  • Installing your Facebook pixel

    • The Facebook Pixel and the Lead pixel  

Step 7.

  • Creating inspiring and “that’s me” success stories

Step 8.

  • Retargeting

    • Retargeting those who consume your content

    • Retargeting those who visit your website

Step 9.

  • Writing effective copy that converts

    • Facebook Ad Copy

    • Landing page copy  

Step 10.

  • Facebook Ads

    • Facebook Lead Ads

    • Choosing the right conversion options

    • Understanding metrics and data points

Step 11.

  • Landing Page options

    • Facebook Lead ads

    • Landing Pages

    • Messenger Bots

Step 12.

  • The ultimate sales funnel

    • Qualifying prospects from beginning to end

    • Points of contact along the way

    • Follow up procedures