ChansLogic Ep001

The first episode of the #ChansLogic Project is here! I'll be answering questions on how to run a successful business and how to leverage social media to ensure you grow optimally and to show how important social media is in todays market.

#ChansLogic is a project dedicated to helping answer the many questions I get daily about running and starting a business for an entrepreneur and how to use social media effectively to create a brand that truly captivates your audience! I've grown three successful brands utilizing social media and digital marketing to crush it and bring awareness to what we're doing.

We threw in some fun and ridiculous questions on this one as well and Pepe Le Squirrel made appearances throughout the video.

Be sure to use the #ChansLogic on social media and subscribe to my YouTube channel to continue to ask questions and I'll make a weekly video answering all the questions I get!