Rank on Google by Being Human and Making Friends!

Google has released the three most important factors that are considered when your website is ranked. The three most important factors are:

1) Quality and relevant content (writing to pain points and what people search for to find a solution). Get writing and write in a way that shows how your audience can benefit from what you offer and that showcases what they would search for to find a solution. Keep it natural and you'll benefit the most. If you stuff keywords and make it seem like your talking to robots you will not benefit from the content. 

2) Inbound links or backlinks, which are other trustworthy sites in relevant fields linking to you. Spammy crappy links will get you dinged though so don't go create a bunch of fake sites and have them link back to you.

3) RankBrain, basically a bot that looks at search engine queries and analyses similar queries to get an idea of how relevant your content is and what would make sense to include in a search. This is why you don't need to stuff keywords into your posts and if you do it'll sound unnatural and your site will get dinged for it.

Basically it all comes down to writing to what humans want to see, keeping your writing natural, writing what will benefit them the most, working with others in a similar fields  and not doing unnatural stuff like keyword stuffing!