Twitter For Customer Service

Twitter is a platform that has had its ups and downs, good ideas and bad ideas. Like any social network it has its own special quirks that make it unique. Twitter started the idea of the newsfeed, hashtags, it brought periscope out for live video just to name a few.

One thing that Twitter really shines on is the ability to have a conversation with anyone and go back and forth with other people jumping in and it being perfectly acceptable. Businesses can search for what people are asking and give helpful tips and strategies.

From this conversation and chatter format twitter has become a powerhouse for companies to answer questions, deal with complaints or even give a fist bump to customers. This puts you on a new level in terms of being there to continually build the relationship with the customer.

If you think about it you have a platform with a ton of users and their attention focused on that platform. They visit your website and have a few questions after looking around for a bit, they see a big banner that says "Questions? Let's chat on twitter!"

From here they can go to your twitter account, ask the questions they have and you can continue to keep their attention and show them that you care. They will most likely even follow your brand.

You can even take it up a notch and put a twitter chat box directly in your website so when they have that question the platform is already on your website, they can ask the question and you can build that relationship.

Before you do this with your brand I encourage you to interact with some of the bigger brands and see how well they respond and react to your Twitter questions and comments. That'll give you a feel for how it feels to be the customer in the scenario and how unique it makes you feel to get a rapid response from brands like Starbucks and T-Mobile to name a few.

Before you write Twitter of, start using it for questions, comments and concerns for your brand. It gives you the opportunity to interact and be more human and it gives your customers the ability to ask questions and get their issues addressed right away. Because if you don't address their questions and issues another brand who is on top of it will.

It all comes down to really caring about your customers and working to address what they need before they even purchase from you. The goal is to give an incredible experience from the second they become aware of your bran, all the way until they've been a loyal purchaser of your products or service for years.